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Powered with your data

AI-driven, our platform empowers your custom chatbots to handle 80% of customer queries.Train them with your data, customize their style, and embed them on your website in minutes.Gain insights, boost sales, and automate support—simply and efficiently.

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Every use-case you need, and more

24/7 Customer Support

Solve 80% of customer queries automatically

  • Offer 24/7 support.
  • Train your chatbot with your support content.
  • Integrate on your website, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Take data-driven decisions with advanced analytics.
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Employee Support

Streamline employees' access to information

  • Streamline your team's workflow with immediate information retrieval.
  • Access HR materials and company data seamlessly on all devices.
  • Speed up new employee training with tailored educational tracks.
  • Simplify your internal processes with automated system integration.
Customer support AI conversation demo

Features fit for your business


Personalize your chatbot's style with your branding - add logos, select a color palette, and tailor the dialogue's tone to match your brand's character.

Data Sources

Upload your data (PDFs, Word files, web links) or integrate with existing tools. Your new chatbot will instantly learn your data.


Connect NexxtSupport with your favorite tools and services, including CRM, e-commerce, and marketing automation platforms.

Multiple Use Cases

NexxtSupport can be used for a variety of use cases, including customer support, employee helpdesk, and lead generation.

Gather leads

Configure how you want to collect leads and let your new chatbot do the rest. NexxtSupport will use advanced recommendation systems to gather leads.


Get insights into where and who your customers are, including the number of conversations, user satisfaction and take data-driven decisions.

50+ Languages supported

NexxtSupport supports over 50 languages, ensuring that your chatbot can communicate with customers from all over the world.

Shopping assistant

Take upselling and cross-selling to the next level with our shopping assistant features, featuring an advanced recommendation system.

How it works

Upload your data, train your AI chatbot, customize its style to fit your brand and embed it on your website in minutes.

1. Customize Behaviour & Appearance

Customize your AI representative to reflect your brand's identity: incorporate your logo, select a distinctive color palette, and tailor the dialogue's tone to embody the distinct character of your brand.

NexxtSupport AI Chatbot Platform

2. Enrich your chatbot with data

Upload your documents, such as PDFs, Word files, Web links, or integrate your website's content. NexxtSupport's AI will quickly learn from your uploaded data, efficiently training your AI assistant for immediate use

NexxtSupport AI Chatbot Platform

3. That's it! Embed on Your Website

Effortlessly integrate a custom widget into your website to provide AI-powered support to your customers, tailored to your brand's identity.

NexxtSupport AI Chatbot Platform

Get rich insights into your chatbot's performance

Customer support AI conversation demo

Data sources and Integrations

Ingest data from multiple sources and let your users interact with your chatbot from your digital space.


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